Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Essay Example for Free

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Essay When I say Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, what comes to mind? To most of you new age listeners, absolutely nothing, just Spanish guy name, but to all of you in touch musical geniuses, only one word clouds your brain. Volta. The mars Volta is an Avant garde progressive rock group, who at times may not make sense with words, but completely and utterly make up for it with insane riffs, original scales and crazy drum segments. Omar is the guitarist and founder of the mars Volta; he is also the main song writer. Omar has incorporated guitar into his world and career ever since he was twelve year old, starting off with a bass. When he turned fifteen, he claimed he â€Å"needed more strings† and switched to a guitar, this decision changed his life forever. Omar was born on September first 1975 in Puerto Rico, although he grew up in El Paso Texas, and spent much time in South California. He attended high school in El Paso at Coronado where he met his future band mates. In my eyes, Omar is a musical genius; I mean have you ever listened to l’via l’viaquez? Boom, starts off straight with pure riff, of course the Spanish lyrics add to the awesomeness of it, but this guy is a genius. His music never gets boring, ten minute long songs, anthems if you will, they’re long, but not too long, never repeat a scale or rhythm, but you can still hum the chorus, perfect? I think so. Once Omar realized he was an artist, he did more than just play in a band and write music, he decided to write films, including music for the soundtracks. His first film was called the sentimental engine slayer, which was played in numerous theatres, he was good at this indeed, but his true calling obviously lies in the world of fret boards and fender amps. Omar is actually a big fan of Ibanez guitars, his first two were custom, then Ibanez decided to make him his own, which is available for purchase. Omar lives a low radar life, and loves it. He is inspiring to many, including me, the ways he incorporates and uses guitar in his life.

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