Saturday, February 8, 2020

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 212

Summary - Essay Example As there was progression in time, the farmers thought they were to have a special day away from the working days where they could be able to praise God and prayer take place (Phillips, 98). In the contract and agreement with God, there was need of a special place where there would be honoring the contract and special people that would be needed to administer and carry out the contract. This led to development of religion with coming up with a Sabbath day, a priest and churches. There is also a link that can be given between cave art and religion. In the Paleolithic cave art there is evidence of religion. There was belief by the ancestors that the spirit world existed deep in the dark foreboding caves. Through the caves, the ancestors believed that the supernatural world could be contacted in the caves or these were the places where they could leave the signs that were needed by the spirits (Phillips, 99). According to Jean Clottes, those that lived in the development of art period believed that there was supernatural powers that lined inside the caves and the only way of attempting to contact the spirits was giving respect and contacting the powers in the

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